At the 41st Annual Meeting of NNAI Shareholders a Voting Prize Drawing was held.  Every shareholder who voted by proxy or in person at the Annual Meeting on June 14th, 2014 was entered.  The staff and directors of NNAI, as well as those shareholders present for the drawing, would like to congratulate the following winners:

Three 1st Prizes of $500.00

Zachery Munsterman
Patricia Leman
Kellie Kvasnoikoff

Ten 2nd Prizes of $100.00

Clifford Kelly
Carol Gore
Jesse Rust
Constance Berg
Torvald Hanson
Sarah Johnson
Gary Jackinsky
Jason Shaker – Custodian Eugene Steik
Mandi Patrick
Alexi Painter

Ten 3rd Prizes of $50.00

John Steik
Laurie Campbell
Lyle Sneed Boley III
George Jackinsky
Kim Redmond
Tiffany Stonecipher
Heather Kane
Robert Dietz
Kenneth Odman
Debra Oskolkoff

The NNAI Office Staff is mailing out checks today Tuesday the 17th of June, if you are a winner please look for your prize in the mail.