Direct Deposit of Dividends

The Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. (NNAI) is pleased to announce that we are offering direct deposit of dividends. Direct Deposits not only helps you receive your dividends faster but helps protect against lost or stolen dividend checks. Shareholders participating in the direct deposit will receive a voucher showing how much was deposited.

A shareholder who wishes to participate in the Direct Deposit program should be sure that their name on the NNAI records matches the name on the bank account exactly. If the information does not match, the bank may reject the deposit.

Along with keeping your bank information current with NNAI a shareholder needs to have his/her address up to date with NNAI records. When a shareholder needs to update an address, a signed address change request needs to be sent to the NNAI office, either through the postal service or email at: Shareholders should also keep their address updated with the Postal Service. If addresses are not kept up to date it typically results in NNAI mail being returned as undeliverable. Until the address is corrected distributions may be held and the shareholder does not qualify for any prize drawings.

Return the completed form (including a taped voided check or deposit slip on the back of the form).

NNAI Shareholder Coordinator
PO Box 39130
Ninilchik, Alaska

Scan and email

Fax it:
907-567-3867 (call ASAP to ensure receipt)

If you have any questions, please contact our office.