Shareholder Responsibility

It is important as a shareholder to keep his/her records up to date. It is the shareholder’s responsibility to contact NNAI with any changes in address or name. If shareholder needs to update either name or address, please use the Address and Name change form. You can mail, email, or fax the information to the NNAI office.

Class A stockholders are entitled to receive dividends and hold voting rights. Class A common stock may be converted to class B common stock and left to beneficiaries who are non-native via a Stock Will.

Class B stock that is held by recipients of shares through Will inheritance are entitled to dividends but do not retain voting rights. When ownership of NNAI stock transfers to a non-native, the stock becomes non-voting until ownership is once again vested in a native.

Participating with the Annual Meeting and voting is a responsibility of the shareholder Voting is a way that will let your voice be heard.

It is also important for every shareholder to have a NNAI Stock Will (PDF) on file. Once a Stock Will has been filled out, signed, and notarized, it acts a binding last Will and Testament to govern what happens to a shareholder’s stock in the event of their passing. In the event that a General Will is signed by the shareholder thereafter specifically distributing the NNAI stock, that Will becomes the new governing factor for shareholder’s NNAI estate settlement. You may revoke your current Stock Will at any time by completely creating and filing a new one. If no Will can be found NNAI will consult the Alaska Statues regarding the situation to determine reallocation of the stock.

If a shareholder is signed up for receiving his/her dividends by direct deposit, it is important to keep the information on the Direct Deposit Form (PDF) up to date. Without updated information, the shareholder may be reverted back to receiving dividends by check instead of through direct deposit.