Ninilchik Native Association, Inc.
Scholarship and Grant Program

If you are a Ninilchik Natives Association shareholder or, descendant of one of the original 206 shareholders, you may be eligible for a scholarship for continued education or a vocational grant from NNAI.  NNAI’s current scholarship program is funded by NNAI and facilitated by the CIRI Foundation .

Scholarships are distributed bi-annually, with deadlines in June and December.   To be eligible, you will need to verify your lineage with NNAI via a birth certificate/s that link/s you to an original shareholder or verifies you as such.

If you have contacted the CIRI Foundation and would like NNAI to verify your lineage please e-mail, fax or mail us the appropriate documentation and we will send a letter in duplicate to both you and to the CIRI Foundation stating that you are eligible for applying for the NNAI Scholarship.

Scholarship funds are distributed based on grades/need and are not based on any NNAI individual decisions.

Click here to visit the CIRI Foundation’s Ninilchik Native Association, Inc. Scholarship and Grant Program Webpage.