The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Amendments of 1987 added language to Section 7 (h) (1) of ANSCA permitting the Settlement Common Stock of Native corporations to be transferred “as an inter-vivos gift from a holder to his or her child, grandchild, great-grandchild, niece or nephew”, 43 U.S.C. 1606 (h) (1) (c) (iii).

If you are a current shareholder interested in gifting please carefully read the Inter-Vivos Affidavit Letter (PDF) from our offices so you are fully informed.  If you still would like to proceed please fill out either the Inter-Vivos transferal of Shares (single) (PDF) or the Inter-Vivos transferal of Shares (Multiple Recipients) (PDF) and return the original notarized form to our office.

Once NNAI has received the Affidavit requesting the gift the process is started and the Recipients are notified.  Recipients who are NOT currently NNAI shareholders must provide NNAI with:

Recipients can submit these via email to, fax, or post to our office.  Once the appropriate paperwork has been submitted by the Recipient/s NNAI will issue an affidavit for each recipient, which must be notarized, to accept the gift of stock.  Upon completion of this affidavit, final approval from legal counsel, NNAI will issue new stock certificates to both the Giftor and the Recipient/s.