Address or Name Change

Anytime a shareholder has an address change, it is the shareholder’s responsibility to let  NNAI know so that their shareholder records can be updated.  If the shareholder’s
address with the postal service does not match with the NNAI shareholder records, the  mail (including dividend checks) may be returned as undeliverable. If you need to update your address, please fill out the Address and Name Change (PDF) form.

NNAI does not accept an address change over the telephone for the protection of shareholder records.  In the event that NNAI has received returned mail from the address in your file, you are considered a Missing Shareholder (PDF). All correspondence and/or dividends for missing shareholders are held in our office until we receive a signed Address and Name Change (PDF) along with a signature verification such as a state  issued ID card.

NNAI requires that the shareholder have appropriate legal documentation before a name change can be made in their shareholder file. In Alaska, a certified copy of the marriage certificate may be used as proof of a name change; however, all other name changes require a court order. NNAI also requires a copy of a driver’s license or other form of government ID for signature verification with the new/updated name.