Missing Shareholders

Your assistance is needed to locate missing shareholders.

When NNAI receives returned mail as undeliverable, the shareholders distributions are held. Until the shareholder’s address is updated, the shareholder will not be entered into any prize drawings.
You can request a change of address by emailing shareholders@nnai.net or click here to download a change of address form.

As of 10/24/2022

Armstrong, Charles
Beatty, Blake
Bouwens, Troy
Bowers, David
Butrick, Jeremy
Cooper, Jason
Erickson, Delbert
Gomez, Maylen
Hardy, Eugene
Hostetter, Richard
Kelly, Allen
Key, Robyn
Marey, Aladean
Oskolkoff, Halie
Prosser, Alan Robert
Richardson, Helen
Woodhead, Ellie/Gage/Kylie

Shareholder Estates

Estates can be difficult and will often involve delays when we are unable to locate individuals that are affiliated with the estate.  NNAI is attempting to contact the individual(s) listed below:

Estate of Nick Kelly – Rene Lynn Jenks

Estate of Alvin Steik – Jenn Grant and Jerrica Grant

Please contact the Shareholder Relations at 907-567-3866 or shareholders@nnai.net  if you have information regarding the individual listed above.