The following were winners in the Voting Prize Drawing at the 44th Annual Meeting of Shareholders:

First Place of $200

Timothy Culhane
Sedna Prosser
James Shaker
Brenda Woinowsky
Donna Hoffman

Second Place of $100

Marie Christine Miller
Dalton Hatten
Kathy Reno
Terry Woodhead
Jesse Worthington Rust III
Alexi Painter
Gary Cooper
Penny Herndon
Daniel Bowens
Forest Kvasnikoff

Third Prize of $50

William Bill Lamont Jr.
Jacqueline Fisher
Leland Shelford
Jack Kvasnikoff, Jr.
Connie Judson
Lara Jane Daly
Archie Reid
Clara Snyder
Ivan Encelewski
Britton Metrokin
Robert Dietz
Justin Hatten
Jason Steik
Carla O’Brien
Anna Steik

Congratulations to our winners and Thank You to everyone who voted!
Checks will be mailed on Monday June 12, 2017 at 5 pm.

Door Prizes were drawn from those in attendance as well!  Those winners were:

First Prize $100

Roberta Oskolkoff
Arnold Oskolkoff

Second Prize $50

Argent Kvasnikoff
Anna Steik
Charlie Partridge
Sheri Liebenthal
Noelle Hatten
Jacqueline Waldron

Third Prize $25

Darek Hatten
Cheryl Matson
Ivan Encelewski
John Steik