49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders Saturday June 18th, 2022

was held on June 18, 2022. The meeting was well attended by shareholders in person, and we also had shareholders participate by joining via Zoom. We had a great voter response turnout using online, mail in, and in person voting with a quorum of 33 %. Shareholders reelected two (2) Board of Directors.

Tiffany Stonecipher (Incumbent)

Joseph Cooper (Incumbent)

Voting Prize Drawing

Early Bird voting deadline was June 2, 2022. The following Early Bird Voting Shareholders were randomly selected by the NNAI Election Judges of Altman Rogers.

Early Bird Prize (3)

Whitney Shollenberg

Connie Judson

Debra Oskolkoff

The following Voting Shareholders were winners randomly selected from all eligible NNAI Voting Shareholders by the NNAI Election Judges of Altman Rogers.

First Prize of $500.00 (1)

Elias Prosser

Second Prize of $200.00 (7)

Tricia Mehal

Garrison Jackinsky

Cecilia Demidoff

Lillian Schollenberg

Britton Metrokin

William Prosser

Jamie Leman


Third Prize of $100.00 (17)

Jerry Kvasnikoff

Leeann Garrick

Mae Demidoff

William D. Kvasnikoff

Jacqueline Waldron

Roberta Johnson

Eugene Christopher Steik, II

Benjamin Jackinsky

Dalton Hatten

Chad Bouwens

Curtis Boley

Glen Hubbell

Anna Strunk

Roger Painter

Wesley Kvasnikoff

Leland Shelford

Eugene C. Stiek

Fourth Place of $50.00 (15)

Marie Miller

Michael Issermoyer

Mary Stokes

Dustin Woodhead

Charlotte Bristow

Raymond Bouwens

Erna Weldin

Mara Stephen

Danielle Kelley

Gregory Oskolkoff

Ethan Encelewski

Nick Cooper

Brooks Prosser

David Deitz

Carol Gore

Congratulations to our winners and Thank You to everyone who voted!