was held on October 3, 2020.  Due to the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) and wanting to protect the health of all shareholders (especially our elders), staff and judges who might attend,  along with  the recommendation of our attorney, Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. (NNAI) held a Virtual Annual Meeting instead of an in-person Annual Meeting.  We had a great voter response turnout using the online and mail in voting with a quorum of 51.5%.  Shareholders reelected two(2) Board of Directors and welcomed one(1) new Board of Directors:

Richard “Greg” Encelewski (Incumbent)

Amanda Matson (Incumbent)

William Dean Kvasnikoff

Thank you to all who participated!  We look forward to having our 48th Annual Meeting of Shareholders in 2021.

Voting Prize Drawing

Early Bird voting deadline was September 18, 2020.  The following Early Bird Voting Shareholders were winners randomly selected by the NNAI Election Judges of Altman Rogers.

Early Bird Prize(3)

Marla Ann Kvasnikoff

Grant Alexander Encelewski

Gregory Paul Encelewski

The following Voting Shareholders were winners randomly selected from all eligible NNAI Voting Shareholders by the NNAI Election Judges of Altman Rogers.

First Prize of $500.00(1)

Gail Kelly Manley

Second Prize of $200.00(10)

Dylan Robert Prosser                                              Emma Lee Allen

Meagan Elizabeth Duthie                                       Brandon Arthur Gunderson

Robert Neal Woodhead                                          Koral Elaine Johnson

Jacqueline Lou Fisher                                            Barbara Karen Cargill

Robert Paul Deitz                                                    Cory Keith Cooper

Third Prize of $100.00(10)

Donna Elaine Lane                                                 Echo Vatina Butrick

Karen Marie Moonin                                               Daniel Eugen Bouwens

Donna Dee Foote Hoffman                                    Ann Marie Cooper Bleakley

Laura Jane Daly                                                       Shelly Ann Jensen

Archie George Reid                                                 Marla Ann Kvasnikoff

Fourth Prize of $50.00(15)

Kerri Lynn Deitz                                                       Tiffany Elaine Stonecipher

Richard Greg Encelewski                                      Barbara Redmond

Terry Lee Woodhead                                              Roberta Eileen Oskolkoff

Robert W Radcliff                Gage Woodhead(Custodian Shawn Woodhead)

Jack Kvasnikoff, Jr                                                   Ethan Casey Encelewski

Savannah Summer Encelewski                            Carolyn O Reifsnyder

Shawn Michael Wilson                                           Justin Metway Hatton

Carla Beth O’Brien

Congratulations to our winners and Thank You to everyone who voted!