was held on June 8th, 2019 at the Ninilchik Village Tribe Community Center. We had a great turnout at the meeting as well as a record number of voter participation. The online voting was new last year and accounted for nearly 40% of this year’s vote count. Shareholders welcomed 2 new Directors to the Board: Joseph Cooper and Tiffany Stonecipher.

Resolution 2019-03 was also passed by the voters. This is an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation to set quorum for shareholder meetings at one-third of outstanding voting shares.

Thank you to all who participated!! We look forward to another great Annual Meeting in 2020.

Voting Prize Drawing

Early Bird voting deadline was May 24, 2019 at 5:00 pm. The following Early Bird Voting Shareholders were winners randomly selected by the NNAI Election Judges of Altman Rogers.

Early Bird Prize of $500.00

Anna Marie Steik
Gary Wade Jackinsky
Anna Edna Strunk

The following Voting Shareholders were winners randomly selected from all eligible NNAI Voting Shareholders by the NNAI Election Judges of Altman Rogers.

First Prize of $500.00

Loren William Prosser

Second Prize of $200.00

Geraldine Cooper
Marie Christine Miller
Jamie Lee Leman
Dustin Allen Reynolds
Mae Demidoff

Third Prize of $100.00

Sarah Lee Johnson
Zaya Cathleen Oskolkoff
Michael P lssermoyer
Gregory Simeonovich Oskolkoff
John Steik
Jon Ivan Jackinsky
Faye Lynn Woodhead
Annia lucason
Tiffany Elaine Stonecipher
Penny Lee Herndon

Fourth Prize of $50.00

Sophie June Prosser
Jack Kvasnikoff, Jr
Jacqueline Lou Fisher
Effie Mae Taeschner
Aaron Michael Oskolkoff
Michelle Lee Partridge
Jeffrey Lynn Elkins
Cynthia Lee Hatton
Jerry Allen Kvasnikoff
Dustin Robert Woodhead
Brienna Irene Wallace
Mandi Lee Patrick
Marla Ann Kvasnikoff
Robert Eileen Oskolkoff
|Heather Lynn Kane

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who voted!