Voting Prize Card

23 lucky NNAI Shareholders will win a cash prize for voting at the Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. 43rd Annual Meeting.

Each Voting Shareholder of Record as of May 18th, 2016 is eligible for 1 entry into this drawing.

For those unable to attend the meeting and vote in person, we have provided you with a proxy form.  Each Shareholder who returns a correctly executed proxy  by June 9th, 2016, will be entered for a chance to win 1 of these prizes.

Should you attend the meeting and vote in person you will be entered into this drawing when you receive your ballot at registration.

You may withdraw a proxy by choosing to vote in person at the meeting, however, you will only be eligible for 1 entry per shareholder.

Good Luck!

Winners are below, if you have won you will receive your prizes via mail.

Michael Rust | Jerry Kvasnikoff | Gail Manley

Barbara Bartlett | James Shaker | Julia Cooper | Angela Reid | Eugene Reid | Kim Redmond | Paul Cooper | Peter Oskolkoff | Lyle Snead Boley III | Richard Greg Encelewski

Roberta Sue Johnson | Grant Encelewski | Emma Allen | Ania Lucason Patricia Engle | Jack Argent Kvasnikoff | Craig Jackinsky | Tammy Bear | Nadia Oskolkoff | Roger Painter