The NNAI Board of Directors has approved the December portion of the “2017 Regular Dividend,” calculated at $3.5279 per share, per the NNAI Dividend Policy.  The Dividend Policy calculates the Regular Dividend based on a portion of net income from the previous fiscal year, prior to provisions for taxes.  Seventy five percent (75%) of the Regular Dividend is distributed in June of the following fiscal year, while the remaining twenty five percent (25%) is distributed in December.

Checks will be mailed on Dec 18, 2018.  Please allow up to 2 weeks by regular mail for delivery.  If you believe your check is lost,  please complete a Stop Payment Request Form and mail it to our office.

Please be sure to cash all checks within 180 days to avoid a stale date check.  If you have a check that is stale dated, please complete the Stop Payment Form and mail that, along with the original check, back to our office.

NNAI will no longer mail dividend checks to shareholders who have 3 or more outstanding checks.  If you think that you have checks outstanding, please contact our office at: or call (907) 567-3866.