At the 42nd Annual Meeting of NNAI Shareholders a Voting Prize Drawing was held.  Every shareholder who voted by proxy or in person at the Annual Meeting on June 13th, 2015 was entered.  The staff and directors of NNAI, as well as those shareholders present for the drawing, would like to congratulate the following winners:

Three 1st Prizes of $500.00

Karen D. Tegeler
Barbara Cargill
Theodore M. Odman

Ten 2nd Prizes of $100.00

Allen A. Deitz, Jr
Cynthia Oskolkoff
Kim Redmond
Doris Kelly
Pauline Farrell
Barbara Redmond
Rebecca A. Marquis
Zoya Oskolkoff
Jack Argent Kvasnikoff
Paul O. Cooper

Ten 3rd Prizes of $50.00

Lars A. Odman
Victor Bowers
Robert Woodhead
Kenneth K. Deitz
Kathy Reno
Larry E. Oskolkoff, II
Bruce Oskolkoff
Emma L. Allen
April Kyle
Irene Saden

The NNAI Office Staff is mailing out checks Tuesday the 16th of June, if you are a winner please look for your prize in the mail!

Thank You for Your Votes!